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Highlights for the Website Summer Edition: 
CEO Update 
Customer Satisfaction 
Staff Survey Results 
Employee Recognition Awards Winners 
Freedom to Speak Up - Guide for Employees 

CEO Update - Steven Pink 

Dear Colleagues 
Thanks for taking a few moments to read this latest bulletin. Sorry it is a little later than it should be – this is down to me. We are working on a broad range of priorities and this has slipped a little. I hope you find it an interesting read. 
Before we get into the business updates please let me offer my grateful thanks to everyone who works in the SELDOC Group. We have roles at all levels, part-time, full-time, employed, sessional and bank. Wherever you work, you are an important part of the SELDOC family and I would like to thank you for your commitment to and focus on our business. 
Verve Healthcare is up and running 
As you probably know, after a period of “design and build”, we launched Verve this February as a new entrant to the workplace wellness market. The reaction from our contracted and potential customers has been strong and the value of a simple, clinically-led, low-cost offer is clear. Through our on-line marketing, presenting at trade shows, building relationships through people we know and networking through Chambers of Commerce, we have reached out to more than 8,000 potential customers with several hundred responding to our approach or wanting to know more. 
As with any start-up we are learning how best to fit with customer procurement cycles and when we demonstrate our proactive wellness product, the response we receive is universally positive. We have been speaking with all types of organisation from small companies with a handful of employees to multi-national transport providers. We will shortly be expanding the Verve offer and we are already working on our first major tender. We will keep you up to date as this new business, an important part of the SELDOC Group, evolves. 
A Warm Welcome to Our New Sales Enthusiasts 
We welcomed two new joiners to the Verve Healthcare sales team in the middle of June: Chloe Aitken and Natasha Berridge. Reporting to Natasha Bartlett (yes we have two Natashas in Verve sales) Chloe and Natasha have a profound passion for our product and a level of enthusiasm which is infectious – in a really good way. It is fantastic to have the sales team up to full strength for this point in the evolution of this business. If you’d like to know more about Verve, please just mail me at
NHS Contracts Extended 
Our contract with South East London ICB, which covers key elements of our core service, has been extended to the end of this financial year. Feedback on our service performance and governance regime is strong and our commissioning colleagues shared the following feedback with us: 
• Good service 
• Responsive team 
• Everyone speaks highly of SELDOC. 
This is great to hear and largely down to all of your hard work. Thank you. 
Our community ward round initiative with Heathlands Court, facilitated by CLCH, has been extended for an additional 6 months until September 2023. At the moment, funding has not been secured to operate this service beyond September. 
Our ECAS contract with LAS was extended for three months and we are now working to secure a further extension. Our performance is good in terms of clinical outcomes and the volume of patients we are able to treat. We have written to a number of Ambulance Trusts up and down the country to offer this service to them as well. 
Other NHS opportunities 
We continue to speak with our current partners about new opportunities where we can collaborate: examples include a number of Integrated Urgent Care procurements which will commence soon. We have approached practices in South East London to assess the need for a daytime home visiting service and a number of meetings are now taking place to understand the detail of requirements. We may work in partnership with a large NHS Trust to resource this service. 
Further afield, we have been in dialogue with urgent care organisations in the North of the England and in the Midlands to offer remote clinical assessment services which will support them. The lead-time to reach an agreement on these opportunities will often be extended, and these conversations give us an opportunity to promote the SELDOC brand as more than a London provider. 
Our Clinical Workforce 
In this edition, I wanted to give a special mention and vote of thanks to our clinical workforce. We have had to adapt our offer, often at short notice, over the last eighteen months to reflect changing NHS needs and different contracting approaches. The response to these challenges from everyone, and from our clinical workforce in particular has been brilliant. It can be quite difficult to get quickly up to speed with new services, to adapt to changed rotas and to embrace new remuneration models. However, our clinical colleagues have risen to this challenge every time and I am incredibly grateful for this. Thank you. 
We recently asked colleagues to complete a patient safety culture survey which we operate with colleague organisations from Urgent Health UK. We are currently reviewing the feedback and will shortly share a summary and our related action plan. Massive thanks to everyone who completed this and whose feedback will create further improvement opportunities for our business. 
That’s it for this time – I hope you enjoy reading the rest of this bulletin. There is some great content, and please don’t be a stranger. If you have something to say or a question to ask, please make contact at: 
Best wishes 
Steven Pink 


It gives me great pleasure to congratulate our Driver in SEL, John Head, an exceptional 
member of our team for being the winner of this award. 
See below what the nominators said about the winner: 
"John is very Patient focused and is always pointing patients in the right direction when they arrive on site and getting them booked in to see a clinician. He is always willing to answer patients' general questions in regards to checking in and parking and making them as feel comfortable as possible whilst waiting, enriching their Seldoc experience. He also demonstrates patient care by assisting with comfort calls, reassuring patients during busy periods that they will receive a call from a clinician as well as updating the patient notes. He is more than happy to do this when it is requested by the shift manager." 
"John always displays a polite and friendly attitude towards work and all individuals at all times. He is by far one of the friendliest characters working at SEL that I have had the pleasure of meeting. He has a keen desire to learn and develop and will never say no to a task, working towards a common goal." 
"John clearly enjoys working for Seldoc and whenever he is scheduled to work, he is always punctual and ready to go on home visits at a moment's notice. He always assists the mobile clinician while on home visits and when he is at base he can be found supporting and assisting the shift manager and dispatcher whenever needed." 
"John kindly volunteers to stay on to cover illnesses for the sake of the shift and for his colleagues. He puts others before himself and clearly demonstrates all of the Seldoc values with the ability to go the extra mile. He has helped to create a guide for palliative care medication pickups from St Thomas hospital for drivers who have never been there before, by mapping out the route to be taken at the hospital along with photos. By taking these photos, he has made it easier for fellow drivers to find the in-patient pharmacy." 
"John has previously worked as a Black Cab driver and has brought this experience to SELDOC. He never gets lost and knows all locations as well as the best and alternative routes to take for home visits. He would make a good candidate to train new drivers." 
We want to give a special shout-out to the extraordinary individuals who were nominated for the  
Staff Recognition Awards but didn't clinch the top spot: 
Danielle Bunten (HR), Neil Prosser (IM&T) and Alison Hall (Driver SEL). 
Your passion, dedication, and hard work have not gone unnoticed. Each of you has consistently shown up with a positive attitude, innovative ideas, and a willingness to go above and beyond for your colleagues and the organisation. The high standard you set daily is a testament to your exceptional abilities, and it encourages us all to strive for excellence. While you may not have taken home the award this time, your invaluable contributions are deeply appreciated and celebrated. We are truly grateful for everything you do. Keep shining, and remember, every day brings a new opportunity for success. 
Congratulations to all and thank you! 


We are pleased to share with you the latest updates on patient satisfaction in South East London. Over the past several months, our service has consistently received positive feedback from our patients. In November 2021, our patient satisfaction rate was at an impressive 75%, which steadily increased to 87% in December 2021. 
The trend continued into the new year, with satisfaction rates remaining high at 84% in January 2022 and reaching a peak of 91% in February 2022. Throughout the summer months, our patients' satisfaction remained stable, with rates ranging from 85% to 87% from June to August 2022. September 2022 saw a notable increase to 89%, and despite a slight decrease in October to 79%, we ended the year on a positive note with a satisfaction rate of 90% in November and 87% in December 2022. 
As we progress into 2023, our patients continue to express their satisfaction, with rates of 87%, 85%, and 87% in January, February, and March respectively. We are proud of our team's dedication and commitment to providing exceptional care to our patients, and these numbers reflect the positive impact we are making on their healthcare experience. 


As an organisation that values your feedback and seeks continuous improvement, we are excited to share the findings of the recent staff survey. Your participation was crucial, and we are grateful for the time and effort you invested in providing your valuable insights. 
After careful analysis of the survey responses, we have identified three prominent themes that emerged as key areas of focus: communication and transparency, face-to-face interactions and social events, and benchmarking salaries. These themes align perfectly with our commitment to fostering a supportive and engaging work environment. 
Communication and Transparency: Your feedback highlighted the importance of clear and open communication channels within our organisation. We understand that effective communication is essential for ensuring that everyone is informed, engaged, and aligned. To address this, we will be implementing initiatives to enhance transparency, streamline information flow, and foster a culture of open dialogue. 
Face-to-Face Interactions and Social Events: The survey results emphasised the significance of in-person interactions and the positive impact they have on employee satisfaction and collaboration. We recognise the value of these face-to-face interactions and the opportunities they provide for building strong working relationships. As we gradually transition into a post-pandemic world, we are excited to reintroduce social events and team-building activities to encourage meaningful connections and create a sense of camaraderie. 
Benchmarking Salaries: Your feedback regarding salary benchmarking resonated strongly with us. We understand the importance of ensuring that our compensation packages are competitive and fair. In response to this concern, we are currently conducting a thorough review of our salary structure to ensure that it aligns with industry standards and recognizes the valuable contributions each of you makes to our organisation's success. The HR department have now engaged specialists to look at salaries across our industry. These benchmarking exercises sometimes result in a change and sometimes not. We are committed to remunerating colleagues fairly for their work at SELDOC. 
Overall: Moving forward, we will provide regular updates on the progress made in these areas. Your insights and suggestions have laid the foundation for tangible actions, and we are committed to making meaningful changes that enhance your experience at SELDOC. 


In the fast-paced, challenging environment of healthcare, we are always striving for excellence. Day after day, we are committed to providing the best patient care possible and maintaining a conducive workplace for everyone. As part of this dynamic journey, we want to ensure that everyone feels heard and valued in the organisation. 
Your Voice Counts 
We recognise the vital role that each member of our team plays in shaping our organisation, and we value your input in every facet of our operation. Whether you are directly involved in patient care, administration, or support roles, your voice matters. 
We urge everyone to raise their voice if you have concerns about: 
Unsafe patient care: Our patients' safety and wellbeing are paramount. If you perceive any practices or situations that could potentially endanger our patients, we want to hear from you. 
Working conditions: A supportive, healthy, and safe working environment is crucial for your wellbeing and productivity. If you believe our working conditions can be improved, please do not hesitate to voice your concerns. 
Induction or training: We are committed to empowering our employees through effective induction and ongoing training. If you feel these areas could be improved or if you are struggling with the current programs, we encourage you to speak up. 
Bullying: SELDOC operates a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of bullying. If you, or someone else in the team, are experiencing bullying, we want you to feel secure in speaking out. 
How to Voice Your Concerns 
We are fully committed to ensuring your concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. We have set up multiple channels for you to voice your concerns. You can: 
Speak with your team: If you feel comfortable, you can start by discussing your concern with your direct supervisor or any member of your team. We are looking into a way of raising a concern anonymously and will communicate this when finalised. 
Email our CEO: Our CEO, Steven, is committed to open communication and welcomes your emails at 
This account is checked daily so please do use this for any questions for Steven 
Contact the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian: Tina Cookson, your local Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, is available to provide independent, confidential advice. You can reach Tina by email at : 
Patient Safety Concerns: All employees can submit their concerns regarding patient safety to our Datix platform. If you are unable to access this please contact Okemute Samede at: 
Thank you for taking a moment to read this information. We hope you found it interesting. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in what we do and would like to find out a little more. With very best wishes from the SELDOC Team 
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