Reducing pressure on Emergency Departments (ED) 

Acute hospitals have been experiencing unprecedented levels of demand through the COVID pandemic and this shows no sign of abating local patients’ urgent care needs. 
This is the context where SELDOC works in partnership with local hospitals to provide care and reduce pressure on emergency departments. 
We provide a GP-led model of care providing Face to Face Consultations as well as Virtual Assessments. This helps our secondary care partners to ensure that ED capacity is maximized for those patients who need emergency treatment. Our services enable some patients to be appropriately treated in a primary care setting. Our virtual assessments mean that patients may not need to visit an Urgent Treatment Centre or an ED facility. 
Patients appreciate the availability of primary care in urgent treatment centres, where they can be assessed and treated quickly by a GP or a Nurse. This also releases ED staff to treat more complex patients and reduces ED waiting times. 
We work with each hospital to establish the urgent primary care service they need. This may be a simple service with a single GP streaming patients at the front door of ED, or a complex service where multi-skilled primary care teams manage minor illness and injury for a large volume of patients on the hospital site. 
Hospital @Home 
SELDOC works in partnership with acute Trusts to: 
Provide acute ‘step up’ and ‘step down’ care to local residents, treating people with an urgent care need within their own homes 
Prevent avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions 
Enable effective discharge of patients to complete medical treatment and rehabilitation at home 
Provide an urgent two hour response service 
Deliver an improved patient experience with good health outcomes. 
SELDOC's partnerships for @Home services enable the delivery of integrated care pathways for patients. This is to ensure continuity between hospital care and community care. 
To talk to us about designing an Urgent Care Service for your hospital, please contact Jacqueline at: j.o' 

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