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Highlights for the Website Spring Edition: 
Business Update 
Net Patient Satisfaction Results 
Employee Recognition Award 
Staff Survey Update 

Business Update 

Welcome to our content business update. We wanted to share three key areas which we think are important: 
1. Net Patient Satisfaction (NPS) 
This bar graph displays the results of a survey asking patients whether they would recommend SELDOC to friends and family. The data spans 01 April 2023 to 31 March 2024. 
This is how we calculate the NPS: 
• We ask patients two questions after their consultation with us. One relates to satisfaction, and the other relates to recommendations, (see graph titles): 
• Question 1 has 2 response options (Recommend SELDOC and would not recommend SELDOC) 
• Question 2 has 5 response options (Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Neutral, Dissatisfied and Very Dissatisfied) 
• We then use the data to gather monthly results, 
• We review all comments for errors (i.e. stated very dissatisfied but left positive feedback), 
• We put data from reviewed extract in to Excel automated results tool which then gives us the percentages and dashboard. 
We set ourselves a goal of 85% for overall score through the year. The bar chart shows we achieved this as an average between April 2023 and March 2024. We are pleased with this result and it is important for us as we continue to learn. Healthcare never stands still – there are opportunities to learn as treatments change and patient needs evolve. Thank you for your contribution to keeping the quality of our services where it needs to be. 
2. Finance – Group Financial Outcomes for 2023/24 
At the end of each financial year our accounts are audited externally. This is standard practice for all businesses. At the time of writing, this external audit is not yet completed for financial year 2023/24, but we can share a few headlines: 
• We finished the year slightly ahead of our financial plan; 
• We saw some growth in our NHS contracts; 
• Our expenditure on new business was tightly controlled within budget; 
• Our cash position improved as we managed contract margins carefully, and have a major push on collecting payments which have become overdue. 
We can summarise these points by saying that our overall financial performance was robust. This provides us with a solid platform as we move into the next financial year. A big thank you for your hard work in helping to achieve this outcome. 
3. Recruitment Update 
Over the past year, we have successfully welcomed 58 new GPs and 6 new APs to our team. These new colleagues filled 14% of our annual rota, and in March filled 38% of our total hours. While this percentage might seem modest, it's important to note that most of these additions occurred within the last six months - a significant accomplishment. Many thanks to our recruitment and rota team as well as all the colleagues who help to induct new clinicians. 
The onboarding process for clinicians is complex, involving multiple stages and the collaboration of various teams. The integration of new clinicians is crucial for ensuring our patients have access to necessary medical treatments. 
All new clinicians that join SELDOC attend remote Q&A session, which run every other week and has representation from Operations, IT, Clinical and Rota team. See contract breakdown: 
At home service – on site induction and shadowing sessions 
GUYs & St Thomas – remote EPIC training organised by GSTT 
ECAS – remote induction via London Ambulance Service 
PPG – no induction, only logins specific to PPG service, set up by PPG 
SEL OOH – attend Q&A session 
PCN – confirmation that GP completed EMIS training 


Following our last announcement of the winners for Christmas 2023, we had some great entries, with each showing great competency, adaptability, empowerment and compassion. Each nomination is scored against the company values and it is with great pleasure to announce the Spring Quarter winner: 
Jacqueline O'Meara 
The nominator said: “Jacqueline exemplifies outstanding versatility and commitment in her role. Her adaptability in undertaking any assigned tasks, even those beyond her official responsibilities, is commendable. Moreover, her infectious enthusiasm and dedication serve as the cohesive force (the 'glue') that sustains the company's momentum.” 
Congratulations to Jacqueline and thank you! 
All Winners will receive a £100 gift voucher, and if you would like to be part of the select committee, please email: 

Staff Survey Results 

We wanted to inform you about some updates regarding our staff survey and the progress we've made on the action items identified in the last survey conducted in September 2023. 
This survey is completely anonymous, and we have amended some of the questions. We have kept in the background data to ensure that we are covering a wide range or responses. 
Here’s the progress we've made on the action items identified from the previous survey: 
Employee Engagement: 
The survey highlighted the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and clear communication. To address these concerns, we now have: 
• Quarterly meetings and increased site visits by relevant managers have been implemented. 
Work Environment & Resources: 
Improvements have been made to the physical work environment: 
• New chairs and double screening on desks; 
• Soundproofing for meeting rooms is being considered. 
• Note: if your work environment at home needs new kit, please let us know. 
Employee Benefits 
• SELDOC has purchased the Verve On Demand Service which gives you access to mental health support and physiotherapy. Comms will be sent out next week for a new login process. 
• We are funding Blue Light card registration for all staff. The sign-up process is included in this newsletter. 
Staff suggestions and feedback have been invaluable in shaping these actions, and we remain committed to fostering a positive work environment where every staff member feels valued and supported. 
A reminder that any member of the SELDOC Group can always contact our EAP provider Health Assured on 0800 028 0199 and reference that you are calling from SELDOC Healthcare, if you need health and well-being advice. 
Thank you for taking a moment to read this information. We hope you found it interesting. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in what we do and would like to find out a little more. With very best wishes from the SELDOC Team 
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