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Highlights for the Website Christmas Edition: 
• CEO Update 
• Employee Recognition Awards Winners 

CEO Update - Steven Pink 

Dear Colleagues 
A warm welcome to the end of 2022 newsletter. As the year comes to a close, I want to take a moment to reflect on all that we have accomplished together. We have worked well as a team, grappled with a number of challenges, and built a new subsidiary offer in Verve. SELDOC is stronger as a result. Thank you all. 
Our clinical performance is strong. Gemma, our Clinical Director, and Loshanan our Associate Medical Director have been doing a grand job leading our governance activity. As well as ensuring safety in our services, key areas of focus include patient satisfaction, clinical effectiveness and shared learning. There is a real momentum, which is important as we drive progress – not only in current services, but also as we develop new ones. 
Despite huge volume pressure across the system, our service delivery is performing well. Our services have different key performance indicators, depending on how they are commissioned. It is fair to say that we are above 95% performance as an average. We have been able to maintain a strong brand in South West London through our bases at St Georges and St Helier where performance is superb. I am delighted that we are also supporting ST Georges A&E to help them protect space for patients who really need emergency care. In South East London, our performance is strong despite enormous increases in volume and our ECAS support service is building momentum – again demonstrating how SELDOC can effectively support different parts of the system. If you would like to know more about these, please join one of our update calls or mail me. 
We replanned the financial shape of our business when the previous South West London contract moved to a new Lead Provider and we are broadly on track against our financial plan so far this year. Everyone has worked especially hard to achieve this, and I am grateful. There are bound to be more challenges ahead when we see some of the pressures facing the NHS. Once again, we will pull together as a team and navigate them. I am pleased that we were able to make a one-off “cost of living” payment to staff in November. 
New business 
As well as developing new services in collaboration with other providers, we have been busy submitting procurement bids for UTC services. There are three procurements in South East London: Bromley, Greenwich and Bexley. These bids submissions gives us a great opportunity to look at how we provide our services as a system partner working with other organisations. We have received the result on Bromley where we missed the winning slot by a very small margin. We will let you know on the others as soon are we are informed. The development of Verve Healthcare is a major element within our new business strategy. There is more detail a little later in this update. 
The overall results from our staff surveys are very positive. Most of you noted that you are satisfied or very satisfied with your work at SELDOC. I am pleased to see this and we have included a simple summary of what we have done/are doing in response to your feedback further down in this newsletter. 
Verve Healthcare’s purpose is to help make workforces happier and more productive, the world over. From small beginnings, we have a significant ambition to deliver viable business in this market, which is growing rapidly, as employers decide to invest more in the wellbeing of their staff. Verve focuses on mental health, physio and general primary care. By asking questions direct to employees, we are able to determine whether someone needs help now or is likely to need help in the future. We then intervene quickly to provide what is required. 
As you will imagine, a lot of work has gone into the development of technology, the acquisition of a new clinical workforce and the creation of a compelling sales and marketing campaign. Early adopter customers are signing up now and you will see more of our PR and marketing as we move into January. We will be running Verve business update sessions early in the New Year to ensure everyone is up to date. 
Before I close, please let me thank every one of you personally for your hard work and commitment to SELDOC. Your efforts make an enormous difference as we look after our patients. As we look ahead to the New Year, I am confident that we will continue to achieve great things together. Thank you for all that you do and have a happy and safe Christmas. 
Best wishes 
Steven Pink 


Following our last announcement of the winners for Autumn 2022, we had some great entries, with each showing great competency, adaptability, empowerment and compassion. Each nomination is scored against the company values and it is with great pleasure to announce the December winners are: 
Team Award – Rota Team: Yvonne Taff/Rachel Kelly/Clare Garbutt/Koran Husseyin 
Gemma Jones – Associate Medical Director SEL 
See below what the nominators said about the winners: 
I believe Gemma has stepped forward and led the CG team since the Medical Director left the post. She has been empowering for me as a member of the team and I believe other members of my team also feel this way. She has been compassionate when I shared any areas of concern and is willing to add to her long to do list where possible. 
Clare is always helpful and goes out of her way to offer support. Clare has taken her new role as Rota & Compliance officer with real enthusiasm and applied the same proactive approach she has to rota fill. The overall clinical compliance has improved within weeks and is now reaching 100% across majority of training courses. 
Rachel is doing great job in her new role as Rota & On boarding Co-Ordinator. In a very short space of time Rachel has played vital part in implementing effective changes across on boarding process. Her proactive approach and daily focus allowed for more proficient and faster on boarding of new clinicians. For example, obtaining references for new clinicians, which historically proven to be challenging, Rachel managed to significantly reduce total of outstanding references. Currently, only 3 new clinicians awaiting references. 
Yvonne worked really hard on improving the fulfilment of GSTT rota. She has proactively dealt with new clinicians starting across GSTT services, organising inductions, shadowing shifts and ensuring site-specific information and requirements are passed on relevant people. The overall GSTT fulfilment has improved significantly over the past few months. 
Kol has been supporting the Rota team on/off for over 12 months now. Even though his role is not permanent, any time Kol is asked to support the rota team, his approach is positive and always goes the extra mile to deliver 100% rota. Just last week he worked additional hours to help the team to deliver urgent changes to the at home rota. 
Congratulations to all and thank you! 
All Winners will receive a £100 gift voucher and the Employee Recognition Plaque engraved with their name.  
Please email if you would like to submit a member of staff for the next awards in March 2023. The deadline for submissions is Friday 17th March 2023 . Please include as much information as possible about the reasons for your nomination and which values they pertain to. 
Thank you for taking a moment to read this information. We hope you found it interesting. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in what we do and would like to find out a little more. With very best wishes from the SELDOC Team 
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