SELDOC Career Progression Interview with Camilla Ketter 
SEL Service Delivery Manager 
Camilla started with SELDOC back in 2017 as a Receptionist and went on to be trained as Driver and Dispatcher for the Out of Hours Service the following year. She then went on to progress into the Shift Managers role and has been able to use this experience in the role she has today as Service Delivery Manager. Camilla has been in this role for 2 years now and I was able to catch up with her to discuss her journey. 
Camilla’s role: 
To put it briefly, Camilla's responsibility is to efficiently plan and provide operational services within the SEL's geographic locations. Camilla oversees a team of about 30 people, including shift supervisors, drivers, dispatchers, and receptionists. Camilla takes on a shift in every function to give her a greater understanding of the difficulties that her team can encounter in order to stay in touch with everything that occurs on the front line. 
What is the first thing you do on arrival at work and what does your typical day look like? 
"I arrive at 9.30am and check the Tessa Jowell site's drug room (temp control), stock room, and make sure all the car keys and oxygen cylinders are in good condition. I review my emails and schedule for the numerous team calls. It's remarkable how many questions I get about the parking every day, and I have to communicate with the management of the parking a lot!" 
"The day-to-day operations of the service, such as staff calls, fleet management calls, meetings with the SWL Service Delivery Manager, IT, and Rota Team, are things I frequently discuss with the Ops director. The seamless day-to-day operation of the service is ensured by a number of elements. Every day can be very good, but because I am now a manager "on call" during off-hours, there may occasionally be difficult circumstances that are challenging, but overall the service functions well." 
"I would like to add that the OOH service support team are doing well, even though the demand has increase we are still hitting green on our KPI’s and that’s the result of the great team work with the OOH team." 
How did you come into the role? 
"I began working here as a receptionist in 2017, received training to become a Driver and Dispatcher in 2018, and then advanced to become a Shift Manager. I applied for the position of Assistant to the Service Delivery Manager in 2019 and received a lot of experience from it as well as from the OOH function I previously held and was familiar with. As a result, the move into the position of Service Delivery Manager for SE in 2020 was seamless. When I applied for the job, the Operations Director was very supportive. I was able to do this since I was familiar with the OOH team. There were certainly challenges, but with my line manager's assistance, we overcame them. I appreciate all the help I have received from SELDOC and am immensely proud of my progress." 
What are you passionate about in work? 
"I am committed to helping my team and making sure the service operates well, and I will go above and beyond. For instance, when a new team member arrives, I will coach them on my own time to make sure they are comfortable with their responsibilities. My own experience upon joining made me believe that training new employees was essential." 
What improvements have you seen in the last 12 months? 
"More patient face-to-face appointments have been added, and St. John's (Lewisham) now offers a new service that includes daytime services, PLT once a month, and OOH, as well as vitamin K cases and palliative care. The company is always changing as we adapt to the NHS's reforms. The communication between team members, which necessitates numerous meetings but guarantees that everyone is on the same page, is what I consider to be the best development." 
How do you relax after a shift/day at the office 
"I like to Relax and unwind with my family, I have two 2 children aged 23 and 10 and this Christmas I will be hosting the big day (so no calls please!) I also go to the gym to keep healthy when I have time." 
I trained for the 10K Race for Life and did 10,000 steps everyday! 
I will be taking part in the 10k for McMillian Race for Life, in 2023. 
Thank you for taking a moment to read this information. We hope you found it interesting. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in what we do and would like to find out a little more. With very best wishes from the SELDOC Team 
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