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As we mark the 75th anniversary of the National Health Service (NHS), we find ourselves in awe of the journey we have made together. The NHS, established in 1948, with its core principles of universal healthcare – free at the point of delivery, has proven to be a robust, lifesaving institution that has shaped the narrative of healthcare in the UK. 
At SELDOC, we take great pride in our longstanding partnership with the NHS, during which we've offered a range of services including GP provision, @home services, clinical assessment, and out-of-hours GP services. Ever since its establishment in 1996, the South East London Doctors Co-operative has been committed to providing out-of-hours services to our patients in South London. We've played an integral role in this remarkable journey of healthcare, enhancing the quality of patient lives and guaranteeing that healthcare extends to the most remote areas of our society. 
Enriching Primary Care: Our Journey as GP Providers 
Primary care has always been the foundation of the NHS. As a provider of GP services, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to uphold the NHS’s vision and values in our daily operations. Our collaboration with the NHS has been fundamental in offering accessible, equitable, and quality care to patients across London. Together, we have successfully woven a network of primary healthcare professionals who are readily available to the community. 
Bringing Care Home: Our At-Home Services 
Recognising the need for care beyond the confines of medical establishments, our at-home services have been instrumental in providing tailored healthcare to individuals within their own homes. This service has been a boon to patients with chronic diseases, the elderly, or those with mobility issues. By closely collaborating with the NHS, we have been able to extend this critical service to thousands of patients, ensuring they receive the medical attention they need within the comfort and familiarity of their homes. 
Ensuring Continuous Care: Out-of-Hours GP Services 
The need for healthcare doesn’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do we. In partnership with the NHS, our out-of-hours GP services have ensured that quality care is never more than a call away, irrespective of the hour. This 24/7 service guarantees that healthcare remains uninterrupted and easily accessible, allowing patients to receive immediate attention in emergencies. 
Evaluating and Empowering: Clinical Assessment Services 
Our clinical assessment services (CAS) have been an integral part of the journey towards better health outcomes. By accurately diagnosing, assessing, and managing patient cases, we have helped inform the care pathway, working hand-in-hand with the NHS to ensure each patient is given the best possible care. This joint venture has played a pivotal role in improving clinical outcomes, reducing hospital admissions, and enhancing the patient experience. 
Looking Forward 
The services about are just a few of what SELDOC has to offer and as we celebrate 75 years of the NHS, we also celebrate our partnership that has made a significant impact on healthcare delivery in the UK. We are committed to continuing this fruitful collaboration, delivering exemplary care, and innovating our services to meet evolving patient needs. 
While we commemorate this milestone, we are also reminded of our pledge to continue working tirelessly for better, more accessible healthcare. We look forward to supporting the NHS in the years to come, continually enhancing our services and partnerships to ensure the best possible healthcare for all. 
The 75th anniversary of the NHS is not just a celebration of an institution; it is a testament to the power of collective effort, the spirit of service, and the unwavering commitment to health equity. At SELDOC, we are proud to be part of this journey and are dedicated to continuing our service in partnership with the NHS for many more years to come. 

Here's what is going on to celebrate the 75 year anniversary 

The NHS in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is delighted to have teamed up with parkrun UK to celebrate the NHS’s 75th birthday with ‘parkrun for the NHS’. 
Backed by the tennis star Sir Andy Murray, people across the UK are invited to ‘parkrun for the NHS’ at parkrun events on Saturday 8 July and junior parkrun events on Sunday 9 July. 
Anyone can get involved with people invited to walk, jog or run 5K at their local parkrun to celebrate this major milestone in the NHS’s history and acknowledge all the staff and volunteers, past and present, who have made the NHS what it is. 
Alternatively, you can lend a hand as a volunteer or just come along to spectate and soak up the atmosphere. 
Everyone is being encouraged to dress in the NHS’s trademark blue or fancy dress. 
Lots of NHS teams will be taking part and can provide information about the NHS and signpost to all the ways communities can help support the service, for example joining the NHS Organ Donor Register, giving blood or signing up to research programmes. 
Please register in advance before attending parkrun. Attending parkrun is free! 
Find your local parkrun event. And don’t forget to bring your parkrun barcode

Raise a cuppa to mark the NHS's 75th  

People across the UK are being invited to celebrate 75 years of the NHS this summer – and raise funds for NHS charities by hosting their own NHS Big Tea party. 
Whether you get together at home, in the office, at your community centre or even in your school, you can celebrate on the 75th birthday of the NHS – Wednesday 5 July – or any day that week. 
Thousands of NHS Big Tea parties are expected to take place across the country, with gallons of tea expected to flow, miles of bunting to fly and cakes galore (eaten in moderation, of course!). 
There are so many ways to raise money whilst getting together with friends; collect donations in return for tea, cake and good company, run a baking competition, play a game of guess the number of tea bags in the jar, or you could even get creative and host a quiz. The possibili-teas are endless! 
Hosting an NHS Big Tea is a great way to bring communities together around a shared love of the NHS whilst raising money to support NHS staff, volunteers and patients. 
A key focus area for NHS charities is supporting NHS staff and volunteers – the beating heart of our health service who often put their patients need before their own. We all know the last few years have been particularly challenging, with NHS staff and volunteers responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic. 
With your support, NHS charities can help provide additional support to staff and volunteers, such as dedicated gardens and wellbeing spaces to take a break during busy shifts, or helping staff to better support one another through access to peer-to-peer training. 
So, grab your teapot, pop the kettle on and let’s get brewing! 
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