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Job Opportunities

We are currently recruiting ANP’s, ACP’s, Paramedics and GP’s.

To view our current vacancies, please click here or email [email protected] to apply or to receive further information on available opportunities.

Why work for us

SELDOC provides medical indemnity cover for all clinicians – GP’s, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, paramedic practitioners and physician associates.

We are an integrated professional community of medical, managerial and administrative staff responsive to the changing needs of our patients. Motivated  and engaged employees are the key to our success and the reason we have grown from strength to strength over the last 20 years.

Caroline Mayoh – HR Consultant

Teamwork works

We are committed to providing quality care to our patients who are often afraid and vulnerable when their GP is closed. We do this by working together.

Working collaboratively is part of SELDOC’s DNA, no matter whether you are a duty clinician or an Operations Support Officer. SELDOC’s cooperative ethos extends to our workforce and means every staff member is consulted on a regular basis, and your feedback informs our ongoing programme of innovation and service enhancement.

When you join SELDOC, you become part of a motivated team that’s dedicated to excellence in patient care –and an organisation where your views are valued.

Diversity and Opportunity

SELDOC celebrates diversity as we believe it enhances our service. It is no coincidence that SELDOC’s Board reflects the makeup of the workforce and this is underpinned by SELDOC’s commitment to employee advancement and equal opportunities for all.

SELDOC provides a role-specific tailored induction programme for new employees and actively encourages career advancement throughout the organisation. If you have a strong work ethic and a passion for patient care, we want to hear from you.