Looking back on Race Equality Week just gone (7-13th February 2022) SELDOC took part in some very important and engaging workshops and attended many more leading up to the week. 
Race Equality Week is a UK-wide initiative uniting thousands of organisations and individuals to address race equality barriers in the workplace. 
• The emphasis is to drive meaningful action that makes an impact. 
• Be part of the solution that creates the change we all want to see. 
• Race Equality Week provides a real opportunity for us to be a force for good 
Both Danielle Bunten, HR Advisor and Okemute Samede, Quality Manager have been attending seminars for 5 months leading up to Race Equality Matters week as well as two during Race Equality Week. Danielle also leads the Diversity and Inclusions Champions Group with Okemute and Steven Pink, our CEO. 
The group have a rolling forward agenda to cover all areas they think are important. They discuss each area, agreeing “what good looks like” and then set about making change happen where needed. 
Some of the areas they are looking at include: 
Females in senior positions 
Making sure more junior staff have appropriate / meaningful opportunity for training and becoming a successor for more senior roles 
Pay differentials / fair pay – eg pay banding 
How we embrace/support people’s religion and beliefs – promoting awareness to increase sense of belonging for you and genuine interest in you 
Embedding a culture of respect, leading with compassion 
Being appraised on living the values 
Ensure that our policies engender a culture of humility, positivity and forgiveness where we properly explain the process and support everyone who is involved 
Explore community outreach opportunities and make it part of what we do – fun, team, help, fundraising 
The purpose of the Diversity and Inclusions Champions Group is
To make SELDOC an even better and more inclusive place to work 
We want our focus to go beyond “protected characteristics” 
We want SELDOC to embrace difference of all kinds 
We want to be part of a really inclusive environment 
We believe this will help us to retain people – they will know and feel that they really belong here 
We want people to know “we really care about what you stand for, we are interested in you the person and you are very welcome” 
We want everyone to feel valued, respected, and part of something great 
We want our organisation to be free from any kind of discrimination 
We want our organisation to be focussed on developing talent from all areas of the business, all types of roles, all types of people 
We want a really inclusive workplace 
Courses they have attended: 
How to engage Senior Managers in the drive for race equality 
How to tackle biased recruitment, progression and development 
Launch event with Race Equality Matters for #MyNameIs campaign 
Get Ready for Race Equality Week seminar 
SafeSpace workshop 
Tea Break Workshop 
Big Promise Workshop 
Get Ready for Race Equality Week (5 months to go) 
From these seminars, they have taken away practices that they can utilize to better and improve the current processes and practices. 
Danielle Bunten said, “We will be shortly launching the #MyNameIs campaign– a simple but highly impactful solution to ensure everyone pronounces people’s names correctly. 
This can be achieved and shown by normalizing phonetic spelling on your email signature, we are also currently reviewing recruitment processes to ensure inclusivity”. 
What a fantastic start to this great initiative and we welcome any comments you may have on this topic to: seldoc.hr@nhs.net 
Thank you for taking a moment to read this information. We hope you found it interesting. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in what we do and would like to find out a little more. With very best wishes from the SELDOC Team 
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