In this Website Spring Edition: 
• CEO Update 
• GSTT Announcement 
• Patient Appreciation 
• Diversity and Inclusion Update 
• Employee Recognition Awards 
• Interview with Theresa Dudley Registrar Co-ordinator and Shift Manager 

CEO Update - Steven Pink 

Welcome to the Spring 2022 Newsletter, I wanted to kick-off with an update on what’s going on in the business, you may have already attended one of the updates via Teams that have been organised in the last few weeks, please take a read. 
Verve Healthcare 
For those who were unable to attend our October AGM, we talked about our ongoing objective to create incremental value in SELDOC, we are now pursuing a new venture which focuses on private sector customers. This will complement our NHS services. 
The new venture is named Verve Healthcare and will launch later this year, providing workplace wellness solutions for private sector customers. 
Verve will offer ongoing workforce monitoring, wellness planning and clinical interventions focusing on mental health, joint and posture issues and general primary care. This private service will be offered on a modular basis where customers can buy into all of or part of the Verve Healthcare offer. 
The creation of Verve Healthcare will add another string to our bow in the SELDOC Group. We will share more information in the coming months. 
South West London Urgent Care 
At the end of last year, we tendered for the new contract in partnership with another South West London provider and a London-wide lead provider. Unfortunately, our partnership bid was beaten by Practice Plus Group (formerly Care UK), who have now been awarded the contract. Although we will be transferring our service to PPG, we will not be leaving South West London, as there will be new opportunities for SELDOC. 
New opportunities 
As we shape our business for the future, we are actively pursuing a number of new NHS opportunities. We are developing our skills and expertise in urgent care, we are building new relationships to extend our support of secondary care, and we are in discussions to provide clinical assessment and visiting services for new customers. Our London-wide CAS “top-up” service has just been extended to the end of June, which is great news. 
Being part of the South West London system has allowed us to develop and prove our capability with new Clinical Assessment Services and we have built a strong reputation for quality and value. You can see how much “green” performance there is in the pie charts, which reference the last twelve months. 
And as we win new contracts and grow, there will be new clinical and non-clinical opportunities for people to join or re-join the SELDOC family. A number of conversations with potential customers relating to new business are well advanced and for some upcoming procurements, we have been busy putting the necessary building blocks in place. I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work. 
Steven Pink 


SELDOC Healthcare and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust are delighted to be working together, under a new contract, to deliver inpatient and community services in Lambeth and Southwark. 
This includes GP input to the multi-disciplinary @home service across south London, and providing cars and drivers for the Pal@home overnight service for patients requiring palliative care. 
These services provide expert care for people in their own homes. 
SELDOC is also providing GP hub services for St Thomas’ GP hub and Guy’s Urgent Care Centre, which supports the Emergency Department. 
SELDOC is creating several new posts, clinical and managerial, to support these exciting developments. SELDOC’s Operations Director, Tim Hebditch said, “I am delighted that SELDOC is partnering with Guy’s and St Thomas’ to deliver the new contract. Our two organisations have worked closely together for over ten years to develop services and improve patient care. The new contract provides us with an opportunity to build on this in the coming years.” 
Dr Shaheen Khan and Dr Nigel Beckett, Clinical Directors in Integrated and Specialist Medicine at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, said “This new contract with SELDOC brings an exciting opportunity to build on the joint working that already exists across our clinical services, in the community and from our hospital sites. By working seamlessly together we can provide the best possible care for our patients." 

Here are some of our patient’s comments showing their appreciation. It is always good to be reminded of the impact we all have, in whatever your role is at SELDOC 

Diversity and Inclusion Champions Update  

Danielle Bunten HR Advisor, Okemute Samede Quality Manager and Steven Pink CEO are the Diversity and Inclusion Champions. 
The purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Champions Group is to make SELDOC an even better and more inclusive place to work, their aims are: 
We want our focus to go beyond “protected characteristics” 
We want SELDOC to embrace difference of all kinds 
We want to be part of a really inclusive environment 
We believe this will help us to retain people – they will know and feel that they really belong here 
We want people to know “we really care about what you stand for, we are interested in you the person and you are very welcome” 
We want everyone to feel valued, respected, and part of something great 
We want our organisation to be free from any kind of discrimination 
We want our organisation to be focussed on developing talent from all areas of the business, all types of roles, all types of people 
We want a really inclusive workplace 
Looking back on Race Equality Week- (7-13th February 2022), both Danielle and Okemute took part in some very important and engaging workshops in the past 5 months and attended many more leading up to the week. 
Race Equality Week is a UK-wide initiative uniting thousands of organisations and individuals to address race equality barriers in the workplace. 
From these seminars, they have taken away practices that they can utilize to better and improve the current processes and practices. 
Danielle Bunten said, “We will be shortly launching the #MyNameIs campaign– a simple but highly impactful solution to ensure everyone pronounces people’s names correctly. 
This can be achieved and shown by normalizing phonetic spelling on your email signature; we are also currently reviewing recruitment processes to ensure inclusivity”. 
The group have a rolling forward agenda to cover all areas they think are important. They discuss each area, agreeing “what good looks like” and then set about making change happen where needed. 
Some of the areas they are looking at include: 
Females in senior positions 
Making sure more junior staff have appropriate / meaningful opportunity for training and becoming a successor for more senior roles 
Pay differentials / fair pay – e.g. pay banding 
How we embrace/support people’s religion and beliefs – promoting awareness to increase sense of belonging for you and genuine interest in you 
Embedding a culture of respect, leading with compassion 
Being appraised on living SELDOC values 
Ensure that our policies engender a culture of humility, positivity and forgiveness where we properly explain the process and support everyone who is involved 
Explore community outreach opportunities and make it part of what we do – fun, team, help, fundraising. 
What a great initiative! If you have any questions about this subject, please email: 

Employee Recognition Awards  

Employee Appreciation Day was held on Friday, 4th March 2022, and you may recall that SELDOC announced in December that we would be launching our own Employee Recognition Awards. These are held on a quarterly basis, and more information on how to nominate someone may be found at the bottom of this article. I am happy to announce the winners for March 2022. Due to the high quality of the entries, we have winners in three categories. 
Team Award 
South West London 
South East London 
All Winners will receive a £100 gift voucher and the Employee Recognition Plaque engraved with their name. 
Jose Alvez – (Driver) and Andrea Pearson (Receptionist) 
Team Award 
The nomination described how both colleagues were clearly passionate about their role, taking immense pride in their work. In line with our company values, this showed that they were Adaptable, Patient-First and Competent. Congratulations and thank you to both Andrea and Jose! 
Dr Loshanan Mohanarajah (Associate Medical Director) 
South West London Award 
It was clear in the nomination that dedication, positive attitude and tremendous work rate, routinely going well above and beyond the core elements of his role were clear characteristics of Dr Mohanarajah in his new role as Associate Medical Director. In line with our Company Values, this showed that he is: Adaptable, Patient-First and Competent – Congratulations and thank you Loshanan! 
Gareth Hunt (Driver) 
South East London Award 
Gareth was nominated for his politeness and respect at all times with patients and work colleagues, always ensuring the GPs are fully prepared, proactively making certain that all routes are properly planned and helping GPs access the buildings where patients live. It was noted that Gareth is efficient and always willing to help anyone who needs a hand – for example training other drivers or taking on extra shifts if needed. Gareth was described as being a true leader and going above and beyond what is expected of his role. In line with our Company Values, Gareth has shown that he is : Adaptable, Patient-First and Competent – Congratulations and thank you Gareth! 
Please email if you would like to submit a member of staff for the next awards in June 2022. The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 13th, 2022. Please include as much information as possible about the reasons for your nomination and which Values they pertain to. 

Interview with Theresa Dudley – Registrar Co-ordination and Shift Manager 

Theresa’s background: 
Theresa worked for Care UK (now PPG) for 7 years, working in the minor injury department and as a receptionist in the out-of-hours at all of the South West London locations. In 2015, she began working with SELDOC as an out-of-hours receptionist, subsequently transitioning to daytime shifts where she handled office administration, prescription fulfilment, and other ad hoc tasks. She was promoted to the post of Shift Manager in August 2017. Theresa works one shift per week as a Shift Manager for SWL and occasionally fills in for SEL. 
Currently during the daytime, Theresa works as the Registrar Co-ordinator, working alongside Dr. Loshanan Mohanarajah. 
What is the process of signing up a Registrar? 
Every month we have 30-50 Registrar applications that want to train in our sites. Each applicant will need to fulfil the compliance and I make the necessary checks for this. All programme directors are involved and I have meetings with the Rota Manager, Associate Medical Director and others, going through the queries to help the Registrars set-up to start their shifts. 
The registrar will train for 3 years before becoming a fully qualified Doctor and at SELDOC, it’s great that we can help these trainees in fulfilling their career goals. Along with the compliance, I arrange the on boarding and the inductions. Induction are every six months usually in Feb/March and again in August. 
How did you come into the role? 
Since 2015, I have moved from one role to the next because I've always wanted to learn and grow, be a part of the organisation, and put my transferrable talents to use. I have always aspired to be useful and productive. I have put in a lot of effort to learn new talents to expand my career at SELDOC. I am always trying to improve myself, and I know I'm capable of doing so. I want to push myself to be a better person. It's also crucial that line supervisors are able to recognise your talents and efforts, allowing you to put your transferrable skills to good use. 
What are you passionate about in work? 
I'm clearly passionate about healthcare, helping people, and making them feel good, and I want patients to remember SELDOC and its reputation. I feel like I can work and be proud to be a part of the company and I have a great working connection with the CEO; it feels like a family, and Steven is great at bringing people together. The struggle becomes gratifying, which gives me a lot of pleasure — it is a fantastic learning environment. 
What improvements have been made operationally? 
During the pandemic, changes included base closures and the problem of reopening them, as well as changes within the corporation as a whole. SELDOC did an excellent job with this; if the change is for the better, there is no need to protest — change is unavoidable, and it is always for the better; without it, the company would not be able to expand. 
How do you relax after a shift/day at the office? 
I have enjoy spending time with my family, whom I very much enjoy seeing. My birth home is Jamaica, and I enjoy visiting there too; I have not been there in four years, and I cannot wait to return. 
Fun Fact About Theresa 
One of Thesera’s dreams is her desire to go on a cruise and explore various locations across the world. Despite the fact that she cannot swim it would be a great place to learn on one of the ship's numerous pools — Go Theresa! 
Thank you for taking a moment to read this information. We hope you found it interesting. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in what we do and would like to find out a little more. With very best wishes from the SELDOC Team 
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