SELDOC Healthcare have been members of Urgent Health UK (UHUK) since January 2019. This federation of social enterprise healthcare providers benefits its members by enabling them to work together and present themselves as a much larger organisation. SELDOC, like other members, is run as a corporate business which means they are efficient, lean and well-run organisations, but any surplus money is reinvested back into the service for patients and their workforce. They are driven to deliver outstanding clinical care which means they are vital to local, integrated care in the communities they serve. 
SELDOC Healthcare are passionate about delivering excellent care for all – focusing on inclusivity and equality especially with hard to reach groups. A key focus is to ensure that those who are already disadvantaged aren’t further disadvantaged by the way local healthcare is delivered. This ethos has led to strong partnerships with many other organisations within the community. 
SELDOC is able to run a sustainable service that can be mobilised quickly, yet they are an established corporate entity that has built up trust through years of delivering clinical care and have strong, trusted relationships with commissioners. They are the perfect vehicle to drive change across integrated urgent care services across London and have proven they will go the extra mile for their patients. 
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