We are SELDOC – a GP led cooperative that provides out of hours’ care and support services to patients. We were established in 1996 by local GPs who made a commitment to work together to improve the quality of care to local patients.

Since then, we have continued to provide high quality out of hours’ care to patients, supporting local GP surgeries, NHS commissioners and other healthcare professionals, while innovating and expanding the services we provide.

Our aim is to deliver the best healthcare to patients and the best healthcare solutions to NHS commissioners. Where we work, we work locally, using local healthcare teams with local knowledge to provide local care.

Together we care about our patients’ healthcare, those who provide it, and the needs of commissioners. It is this patient-centred and cooperative approach to healthcare that defines who we are.

As a cooperative, we bring people together to meet patients’ needs. When we record a surplus, we reinvest it to improve patient care. We prioritise the patient in every decision we make. We are flexible, nimble and innovative, always looking for new ways of doing things.

We are SELDOC and together we care.

Our Values

Under our co-operative ethos of ‘Together we care’, we are

Patient – focused

Ambitious & enterprising


Keen to make a difference

Our Vision

We deliver local healthcare you can trust

Local expertise

Because we operate at a local level, our staff and clinicians have local knowledge and long-established links with other healthcare providers in the area. They can collaborate with them to create a complete healthcare plan. For example, a patient may require home visits by nursing staff or physiotherapy after an injury or a programme of integrated care during a long term illness.

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Our community

We are proud to be a part of the community. Many of our team are local residents and we regularly hold events to hear local people’s views on our service.

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Because we are not run for profit, any surplus money is reinvested back into patient care and we are constantly looking at ways to improve and extend the service we provide.

Dr Riaz Jetha – Chair SELDOC